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My Story

For Zion’s sake …


In 1974 I received a prophecy that the Lord would make me a watchman for Israel. In that time I was waiting for a work-permit from UNESCO to go to a school for Palestinian refugees in Jordan. To my big surprise the school was about 15 km north of Jerusalem, on the West Bank, which was called Jordan by UNESCO.

The work was very intense and it affected my health. After more than one year working I became very tired and stayed a weekend with a Christian friend. She said: “Let us pray, maybe the Lord wants to say something to you”. I received the word from Matt 4:22: They stopped at once their work and followed Him. Wow! Just like that? Getting out of the boat of UNESCO? “What do you want me to do”, I asked the Lord. The answer I received was from Matt 10:5-6: Don’t go to the Gentiles or the Samaritans, but go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

So I stopped working and went to a live-in Ulpan in Nethanya in Israel, to study Hebrew. There I met a young Jewish woman. She had just made Aliya (immigration to Israel) from the USA. I was able to share my faith with her and in due time she too became a believer in Yeshua (Jesus), her Messiah. One day she asked the Lord: ”Is it right for me to believe in You, because I am Jewish?” Then Yeshua replied to her: “Aren’t I a Jew?” Until this day we are very good friends.

One day she asked the Lord: ” Is it right for me to believe in you, because I am Jewish?” Jesus replied to her: “Aren’t I a Jew?”.

When I finished the Ulpan I was offered a job in Beer Sheva, but I didn’t get a work-permit. Disappointed but not discouraged I had to leave Israel and returned to the Netherlands, my home land.

Back home
During this period the Lord showed me what the church from the Nations had done to His people; guilt overwhelmed me… I waned to do something to rectify this, but how? And what should I do? I began to pray and received a word from Isaiah 49:6 from the Living Bible: You shall do more than restore Israel to Me. I will make you a light to the nations to bring my salvation to them too.

One day I wandered into a chapel and on the altar stood a burning menorah (national symbol of Israel). At that moment I knew that Israel and the church belong together, that we had to become one in Yeshua as Paul has written in Romans 11, that we as believers in Yeshua are grafted into Israel. This was as a revelation to me and made me very happy. Walking with Yeshua became more and more exiting and wonderful.

It was in that time that I met René, my husband, who also has a great love for Israel and the Jewish people and after we were married we opened our house for prayer and meetings with different speakers who came to tell us about the love of the Lord for His people Israel. In these meetings we always invited believers from all different Christian denominations.

Through mgr. dr. Peter Hocken we came into contact with TJCII, the international reconciliation movement for Israel and the Church, to restore the first breach in the body of Messiah (www.tjcii.org).
Since that time we both are actively serving the Lord in TJCII and share Yeshua’s hearts desire to bring Israel (the Jewish people) and the Church together, to become ONE, as He prayed in His last prayer (Joh.17).

Prophetic Painting
The paintings you see on my website are an expression of walking with My Lord and Saviour, Yeshua. The different poems at the back of the postcards are with permission from friends.

Ans Leitner