Prophetic Paintings Ans Leitner

Postcard Ruth



On the back of the postcard:

Song of Ruth

I am a stranger here

I have left my land

I have crossed your path

I have followed your steps


You told me: go back

But you’re a part of me

Without you, I can’t be

For your land is my land

Your people are my people

Your language is my language

Your God is my God

Your dream is my dream

Your path is my path

Your future my future

Your heart is my heart


I know, your people are afraid

Of us, who are different

But I will build bridges

I want to stand with you

Hard though it may be


And when the darkness comes

And your people hide from me

I will give my love, I will

Make the hatred disappear


For your house is my house

Your fear is my fear

Your silence my silence

Your land is my land


Part of “Song of Ruth” by Stef Bos